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How It All Got Started ...

What got us in this business was my nephew and I was at the Western
Heritage Classic in Abilene,Texas back in 2004 and realized there was
no one selling just belt buckle blanks for the artist or hobbyist who
would like to do their own work and not mess with the time needed to
cut out the blanks themselves. We know that you would rather spend
your time mounting and engraving than spending the time cutting out
the blanks,so about 8 yrs ago I got with a friend of mine who had a
plasma cutter and we started designing belt buckle blanks and spur
buckles and this has taken off ever since.

About me…  On my mother’s side, the early family settled parts of
Comanche County Texas then moved on to Jones county and spread
out from there.  They were and are farmers and ranchers and knew
what it was like to make do, as well as, fix what was broke and if you
couldn't get it, you made it.  My Dad’s families came from Knox City
and Munday Texas and were mechanics and machinist. This has
given me the background to be in touch with West Texas and the
surrounding areas plus growing up learning to fix or make things.
I'm a part time spur maker myself and studied engraving at
Johny Weyert's School of Engraving. Having worked in the oil patch
for 35 years I've built up lots of experience working with metals,
welding and millwright work.

You may have seen me at the Western Heritage Classic (WHC).
I'm at the table with the Liles Spurs or the Steve's Fine Things sign.

My father, Spencer Liles, built spurs and he and my mother,
Mary Lou, attended many shows across the country. My father
passed away in 2007 but we have continued to keep his memory
alive with the table and we sell his spurs along with others.
My nephew, Shannon Maberry, was taught by my dad and has
become quite a spur maker in his own right and sets up with
me at some shows. My mother also enjoys visiting with all her
friends at these shows.

We enjoy going to the shows, visiting with you people and giving
you the opportunity to buy our parts. 

We welcome you to come visit us or order from us here on our
Website. Give us a call or email us with your orders. 
We can take credit cards over the phone if you don't have PayPal. 

So you might say I don’t want that water-jet / laser cut stuff on
anything I make (We also have in stock over 100 items and counting 
that are handmade). Our parts are just a head start to get you started

So you may be thinking why the name “Steve’s Fine Things?” 
What’s up with that?  Well the name came to me one night and
it just stuck.  My parts are not fine or finished but you can make
them look that way and you can call them what you want.  As this
website develops we will be adding new items. We are sorry it’s hard to search under this name, so please bookmark this site so you can come back to us;
We look forward to dealing with you.  Phone: 713-859-2644

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